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Hidai Liberman

Musician, percussionist & vocalist – specializes in West African drumming.

Teaches rhythm, writes, sings and plays music influenced by different styles, instruments and rhythms from all around the world.

Since 2002, following Music Studies in Mali, West Africa, Central America and the Far East, Hidai has integrated the various drums and other unique instruments he had collected during his travels into contemporary music, and manages to produce a versatile combination of styles, languages, messages and feelings.

Over the years, Hidai developed his own way of helping people find and "pull out" they're own music and groove. Using drums, voice, melodic instruments and body percussion, he believes we all have rhythm inside us! The purpose is to set it free.

In late 2014, Yadin Kaplansky and Hidai started developing the Chakra Overtone Drum and created the "COD Therapy". This unique musical/healing technique is now the main practice of Hidai, and he teaches it all over the world.

Yadin Kaplansky

A Psycho Energetics Therapist and a Brennan Healing Science Integration Work Practitioner.

For the better part of his life, Yadin has been studying, practicing and teaching spiritual-emotional therapy as well as energy work. Influenced mainly by the model of energy healing pioneer, Dr. Barbara Brennan, Yadin is facilitating sessions in which he observes the moment to moment changes in the Human Energy Field of his clients with respect to their emotional challenges. The integration between a spiritual-emotional process and awareness to the shifts in the clients 'energetic field is what he calls Psycho Energetics.

Yadin is presently giving session in his practice in Tel Aviv, as well as teaching Psycho Energetics advanced techniques in the Trans-Personal Psychotherapy department of "Reidman" International College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine.

His new project is the Chakra Overtone Drum Therapy work, co-developed with musician and percussionist Hidai Liberman.

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