"When im in my story, moving through a character,
the COD is nothing but vibrating steel.
When i come clean, sensitive, aware ...
i play on a powerful healing tool!"

Chakra Overtone Drum Healing

Think for a second of your body as a guitar: it has its structure, cavities (sound box) and organic sounds. What would happen if you knew those frequencies and could play on it?

The Chakra Overtone Drum is a healing and a musical instrument implemented on the work and research of Dr. Barbara Brennan. It is a steel tongue drum which is tuned to seven fundamental tones, that resonate perfectly with the chakras.

According to Dr. Brennan's work, the chakras are energetic and emotional organs, which can be energized and restructured both by healing and by sound. We've used her research of the fundamental tones of the chakras, to tune the Chakra Overtone Drum to those exact frequencies, creating a musical instrument that resonates with the body's organic sounds perfectly. By playing the Chakra Overtone Drum you can actually make music off your own body, using the fundamental sounds that it is made of.

The Chakra Overtone Drum can be used for different purposes. Playing it during group mediation, yoga classes and ceremonies, creates a unifying effect on the group and returns the participants' energy field to its natural position. The effect is felt immediately: often, mental distractions are cleared faster, and the group can align more easily with the original purpose of the gathering. More simply, the Charka Overtone Drum sounds awaken your heart and evoke inner peace.

Professional practitioners such as energy healers, Reiki masters, sound healers, hypnotherapists etc. use it to work with more precision as they aim to restructure a specific chakra or clear the entire aura. However you don't have to be a professional to use this instrument, it generates sound easily and allows you to create the desired effect on your own personal meditation and relaxation, as well as your family and friends.

Brennan Healing Science

Former NASA scientist, Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, is a researcher and pioneer in the field of energy and consciousness. Her bestselling books "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging" are considered fundamental in the field of complementary medicine.

Dr. Brennan is known to be clairvoyant and her work and research are based on her perception of what she defines as the "Human Energy Field" or simply: the aura. According to her research, the human energy field is constructed of different lab-measurable layers which directly affect our emotional and physical condition. She claims that every disease originates first in the energy field in the form of energy blocks and depletion before it materializes in the physical body.

Dr. Brennan's work has been noted by practitioners and doctors from different modalities all around the globe. She has conducted researches for the American Board of health and was invited to the United Nations to talk about her unique perspective of medicine and healing.

Out of her work the Brennan Healing Science was born. It is a healing technique based on the practitioner's ability to perceive and asses the human energy field of his client and work on it directly.

The technology of the Chakra Overtone Drum is implemented on Brennan Healing Science.

COD Therapy - Chakra Overtone Drum Facilitation

The Chakra Overtone Drum (“COD”) therapy healing method is based on the parallels and connections between the world of sound through intuitive music and the human emotional system as reflected by the Human Energy Field.

The fact that the "tool" we work with, the COD, is tuned to the tones and frequencies that are organically in our body and not from words and preset thinking patterns, enables us, if only for duration of the session, disconnection from the known and offers a new angle on one's emotional process and behavioral patterns.

COD therapy is constructed by groups of exercises that are divided to 4 levels of work:

Each group of exercises creates access to a different aspect of the client’s personality and opens a door to a non-verbal communication. By using basic musical elements (rhythm, beat, tempo, melody) the client’s emotional world is bridged by musical release.

Facilitating with COD therapy is basic, simple and fundamentally flexible. Its goal is to mediate and introduce a new way of release.

The COD facilitator guides the client into moments of connection to the self and mediates the finding of their authentic inner music that aligns with the emotional state they are in at a given moment and, without falling into judgment or dual thinking, create a deep honest emotional release.

To be able to integrate COD therapy with any healing/therapy method, conventional or holistic, a facilitator needs:

  • Knowledge and experience of the 4 levels of work and its exercises.
  • Understanding of the links between emotional patterns and playing music.
  • Basic musical technique (drumming, melody etc).

The 4 levels of COD Therapy


As any acoustic instrument would, the Human Energy Field and body, only when tuned and calibrated accurately, will function to their full potential. Just like a guitar would play the perfect harmony only when each one of its 6 strings is tuned to the precise frequency/note (A, B, C...), so canwe humans, when tuned/calibrated to our natural frequencies, live life in a more accurate way, fulfilling our goals and longings in better harmony with ourselves and with our surroundings.

Calibration exercises inthe series of guided meditations that makes the first level of work in COD therapy are made to remind our seven energy centers, the 7 chakras, of their true function and resonate to them their potential frequency. By doing that we renew the energetic flow and release stagnation.

During the calibration exercises, when we play/vibrate a specific note linked to a specific energy center, we nourish the chakra with its full potential frequency. When the chakra, an energetic emotional organ, vibrates closer to its potential frequency, it will function, absorb, transmit, and mediate the emotional/energetic aspect of life in a more accurate way and truer to the state we are in at a given moment. This means that our stream of thoughts, emotions, memories evoked by the calibration, and eventually our actions, will be more precise and honest to who we really are now.

Calibration work combines both physical awareness exercises and awareness of our energy field and the 7 chakras. It enables us to connect through our hearing, our concentration and our high sense perception with our unique inner music, to be used as a tool in the emotional work of the COD.


Intuitive Playing

The world we live in requires us to think, to use the analytical part of our brain (left hemisphere) and through it to understand and experience, on the intellectual level, our reality. This 2nd level of COD therapy work is an active approach to activating the right hemisphere of the brain and encouraging the creative emotional aspect of living.

The Intuitive playing exercises invites emotional expression in the most authentic way we can experience.

The fundamental foundation to this series of exercises is reduction and simplification followed by moderate expansion into a verity of options. This movement between contracting and expanding mediates, through sound, the ability to distinguish boundaries and to find freedom in them.

Guided practice of intuitive playing is often used as a channel to new ideas and breaking thought patterns but it is not its main goal. Through this level of work we aspire to reach honest connection with ourselves and with our inner emotional/physical movement.


Life Pulse - Emotional Waves

For an emotion to complete a "full circle" it must find expression and release, each emotion in its own unique way, each person with theirown personal ability.

"Emotional waves" exercises enable us to create full emotional release without the need to talk about it and to "tell its story" all over again. We do it through music, sound and energetic movement.

This level of work is the central and most complex in COD therapy healing work. It touches suppressed and blocked emotions and guides us to differentiate between the "story" and the root of the stagnation (and the trauma related to it), between the way we cope with these blocked feelings and the true emotion we experience.

Emotional waves series of exercises allows us to experience the primal emotions and to release them ,on the COD, using the organic frequencies/sounds they are made of. This release often gives us a new perspective on the root of the block and the way we are used to acting through it.

Besides the emotional release itself a process of healing old wounding begins.

The fact that the waves of release are reflected throughplaying and not through talking softens the reference to the blocked emotion and makes facing and releasing it easier. There is a pleasant, gentle, safe and unthreatening element in the sound of the COD and the scale tuned on it that enables everyone, without any knowledge or musical experience, to slowly find the present personal melody asking to be released.

From the deepest places of our being and through our most honest clear feelings rises our unique beautiful melodies that make up our emotional world.


Pattern of the Present

In the same way music is made out of patterns (rhythmic, melodic, structure, scale, etc) so the human body works as a pattern based system. Physical, behavioral and emotional patterns are what lead us through life. The difficulty is often the detection, and when needed, the adjustment of an old pattern to new needs. This 4th level of COD therapy work trains us, by movement between different rhythms and melodies, to recognize mental and behavioral patterns, hold them and then let go of what doesn't serve us anymore. Touching the musical/rhythmical aspect of the patterns that make up who we are gradually reduces the need to cling on to past/present patterns and teaches us and our energetic field to absorb changes, both internal and external, more easily and with more grace and compassion. In this level of work communication and the ability to see the client is highly important. The COD and the music are used as tools in the hands of both facilitator and client but they are not the main thing. Finding connection and sensibility to when music and rhythm meets our inner world is the goal of the practice. This level of COD therapy work is based on rhythm and music. It requires the facilitator to have basic skills and understanding in playing the COD and experience in guiding inwards through the power of music.


The Human Energy field is a phenomenon known for thousands of years. The ancient Indians called it "Prana", the Chinese "Chi" and Pythagoras referred to it as "Light Body". In modern days, it has been photographed by Semion Kiriliov, and measured by Dr. Valerie Hunt in UCLA, among others.

The human energy field is constructed of 7 layers of different frequency bands. Each layer has 7 prime chakras and 21 minor chakras. According to Dr. Barbara Brennan, a chakra is a vortex of energy which metabolizes emotional and physical energy (Bioenergy. Each chakra is connected to different body organs and energizes them, and specifically the endocrine glands.

A good example of how much the chakras influence our bodies and everything we do could be seen in the following example. When we get hurt and are having hard time expressing it, we tend to feel a lump in the throat. Energy wise, unexpressed emotions instantly block the throat chakra causing a decrease of energy metabolism, and lead to a weakened chakra. Once the chakra gets weakened, we feel a "lump" in the throat. People who are having hard time expressing themselves, suffer from blocked and weakened throat chakra, and often get used to living with a lump in their throats. Since the throat chakra is the organ that metabolizes energy to the thyroid gland (also in the throat), a weak chakra will lead to a weaken thyroid gland. This in turn will often cause hypothyroid - slow metabolism, low immune system and even depression. Many women in their 40's suffer from hypothyroid, perhaps because in our society, women block their feelings many times.

Essentially, you can say that the human energy field and the chakras "transmit" our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and about our environment to our body. The term Body-Mind is quite common today and most practitioners, both conventional and unconventional give it substantial weight. Those things, which "transmit" our mind and feelings to our bodies, are the human energy field and the chakras.

The body is surrounded and interpenetrated by the human energy field, therefore it "soaks" and becomes its substances and frequencies the same way a fish soaks the water it swims in. The human energy field has its own frequency, which changes with thoughts and emotions. Normally positive and expressed thoughts and emotions will excite and charge the field and body. While negative blocked thoughts and emotions will block the energy field which will reflect in a lower frequency in the human energy field. A dissonance between the human energy field and the body will cause deterioration of body organs and therefore a disease.

But thoughts and emotions are not the only cause of frequency changes in the human energy field. Many things around us have different frequencies and they affect us. When man lived in nature, all frequencies were the same – earth organic frequency. A Healthy body or a healthy tree was the result of their resonance with earth's frequency. In modern times we've become exposed to many artificial frequencies: fluorescent light radiation, radio waves, constant traffic sounds and its vibration etc. Our energy fields and bodies are bombarded with unnatural sounds and frequencies. We live in cities and cars, soaking in unnatural sounds and vibrations and disconnected from the Organic Frequencies we're made of.

Chakras Functions

The Chakras are emotional and energetical organs that metabolize energy and consciousness from our surroundings into our physical body. The chakras seem like vortices of energy, placed just above the main physical organs.

Base Chakra

The base chakra metabolizes energy from the earth, and is responsible for our will to live in a physical body (or lack of it - in case of a dysfunctioning chakra). It supplies the kidneys and the spinal column with energy, and when open fully, creates the pleasures of using our body, joy of sports and feelings of belonging to humanity and planet earth.

Sacral Chakra

Metabolizes emotional, sensual and sexual energies. When open we feel vital, joyous and playful. It metabolizes energy into our immune system and sexual organs. When closed we feel depressed, tired, lack humor and not attractive. These feelings, or low energy in the Sacral chakra, will affect the intake of energy into our breeding and sexual systems.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Relates to how we perceive ourselves in relation to others. People who have an open Solar Plexus chakra, feel they have a safe place within their surroundings. they’ll feel happy in their own uniqueness and will be able to see others as no threat. The Solar Plexus metabolizes energy into our digestive system. You could say that the way we perceive ourselves relates directly to the way we “digest” our environment. When our self image is questions (such as before a date..) we tend to feel our solar Plexus in the form of an upset stomach.

Heart Chakra

The middle chakra (3 above and 3 below), has to do with our ability to love others: family, lovers, children, friends pets etc’. We all know the feeling of a broken heart, but in fact it is the heart chakra that is temporarily deformed that creates this unpleasant sensation. The Heart chakra metabolizes energy to the circulatory system and the heart. A person with an open heart chakra (that is actually what we mean when we say a person with an open heart :)) will be loving, intimate and friendly.

Throat Chakra

Has to do with hearing, tasting and smelling, and metabolizes energy into our lungs and Thyroid. When open, we feel free to take what’s given to us (compliments, gifts, opportunities) as well as speak our truth without worrying about what others may think about it. It is only when we’re hurting and block ourselves from sharing our feelings, that we feel “a lump in the throat” which is our interpretation of blocked energy at the throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

Metabolizes energy to our lower brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system. People with an open Third Eye will have a good ability to imagine and envision ideas. Movie directors, sports coaches, generals and leaders normally have a good third eye which helps them to portray and manifest their ideas. When we need to get a clear idea, we tend to touch our Third Eye with a finger or two to energize it so we get better ideas :)

Crown Chakra

Metabolizes energy to our upper brain and right eye. We tend to feel it more in ceremonies, holy places such as churches and monasteries or when a life changing event occurs such as losing a loved one or coming out of a crisis zone. The Crown chakra is responsible of our universal, spiritual or godlike experiences, experiences who are trans-personal and puts the individual in proportions with existential questions.

Chakra Overtone Drum – the effect on human energy field and chakras

The report is based on Kirlian Camera that captures human energy field and software for analyses and visualisation. Readings were taken on three persons before and after 15 minutes of playing CODs. Two persons were playing CODs and one was listening.

Chakras - blue line is reading before playing and red line is reading after playing for each person

The result is that chakras have a tendency to align with each other. On the visualisation can be seen the tendency towards circle which would be the optimum state. Changes are related to stimulation of CODs frequencies and capability of chakras to align. Chakras are connected to the endocrine system which is a complex system of glands that produce and secrete hormones directly into the circulatory system to influence, regulate and control metabolism and many of the body's processes. Aligning of chakras has direct positive effect on endocrine system and body functions.

Chakras – group tendency

When we compare readings of all three persons we see the tendency of aligning as a group. First picture shows readings of all three persons before and second picture after playing. This shows us that beside CODs there is also a group stimulation of chakras. The conclusion can be that with COD facilitation we create stimulation of chakras and group alignment. We exchange energy and information from each other thru chakras and alignment of chakras brings better understanding and connection to each other.

On first picture we can see weak energy field on several places. Those parts of energy field were activated and energy field was balanced.
On first picture we can see distortion of energy field at the head. This was aligned and energy field was balanced and charged.
On first picture we can see energy field without distortion but not balanced well. Energy field was balanced and charged.

Frequencies of Chakra Overtone Drum effect human energy field. The effect is activating inactive parts, charging and balancing. All our organs have energetic part that resonates with other organs in human energy field. Stimulating human energy field is also stimulating organs and physical wellbeing.

General conclusion is that Charka Overtone Drum stimulates metabolism and other body functions as well as functioning organs and physical wellbeing. COD facilitation brings people to better understanding and connection with each other.

By Sound Of the Voice / Zoran Korenjak

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