"When we are music, not trying to make music,
something happens - all becomes synchronized and
organically intertwined as if it would be composed,
but we do not give any effort, we just fall in
and enjoy, connect ... becoming music."

For thousands of years, throughout the evolution of man, music was there with him to express, to touch, to connect and to uplift. In ancient musical cultures music was used to evoke emotions, to support ceremonies and to bring people together; in joy and in grief. One may say it was the glue that held the tribe in unison. These days music is mostly used to entertain. Modern popular music gives little importance, if any, to the range of frequencies it is made up of and rarely considers the subtle consequences of its ability to affect our body. Slowly, slowly, over the past 30 years or so, musicians and scientists all over the world are re-acknowledging the other aspect of music - music that is used to heal. By using the organic frequencies of the human body we play the music of our being. The Chakra Overtone Drum allows us to create an authentic musical manifestation of the condition our body and mind are in at a given moment. The music we create can be used for emotional release, shifting of our energetic state of being, energizing our chakra system or just for fun and entertainment. What matters is that it is tuned to who we truly are.

Audio files

COD major scale

COD minor scale

COD heart - An electronic background track for you to play on with your own COD

COD woods - 432hz meditation background sounds tuned to your COD


by Hidai Liberman

"The Chakra OverTone Drum (COD) started its way as a tongue drum from the family of Steel Handpans. As a musician and percussionist, I enjoyed the first version of it – the FUNTONE, as well as the Swiss "PanArt" HANG and many others. The main reason was because they offered me a unique combination of drumming while playing melodies at the same time. Yadin Kaplansky, who comes from the world of Brennan Healing Science had heard me play and asked me what would happen, musically, if the scale would not be the ordinary 440hz scale used in modern music, but rather a more organic 432hz scale. That is the very same scale that resonates with the chakras.

We asked Anton Koren , the maker of the original FUNTONE to make one prototype of a Funtone tuned to the precise frequencies of the chakras. When I first played it, something in the music felt different. The drumming technique was the same and it created beautiful tunes just as easy as before, but the resonance in my body felt different. I could literally feel my hands creating harmonic combinations that were new to me, as if something inside me took over and started playing on its own. Later on, when my High Sense Perception developed and I developed the ability to perceive more of the human energy field, I realized that my own field was drawn to create the sound frequencies it needed, just the same as when you're hungry, you get the taste of the food your body needs.

I started playing differently. I wasn't thinking anymore about rhythm, technique or harmony, but rather learned to feel into the vibration of my chakras and allow my field to take in whatever healing frequencies it needed. The music that came out felt like angelic healing music.

Gradually my focus became more and more the COD and its organic frequencies. While performing, I noticed different reactions from the audience. Many people fell into meditative trance-like state and I could feel the entire atmosphere becoming softer and more charged. Often I'd finished playing and people would remain seated with closed eyes.

Today I no longer make a distinction between making music and energy healing. I've become a Musician-Healer, I use the organic frequencies of the COD to consciously affect the energy fields of the people I play for, and I started doing one on one music-healing sessions. In these sessions, I find that people intuitively learn how to play the COD quicker than any other instrument I've taught before. Often, allowing the organic chakras frequencies in, they get emotional and process blocked feelings.

As a musician, working with the COD requires that you to let go of all musical theory and traditional musical thinking, and let a new paradigm set in. For someone who is not a musician, playing and working with the COD is a bridge into the music which lays hidden inside him, the music that for most people remains beyond reach. I humbly realize the added value of what music has to offer us. Apart from entertaining, moving and connecting, it is a pure vessel of healing."