The "COD Therapy", an emotional healing method,
developed by Yadin Kaplansky and Hidai Liberman
offers a unique tool for accessing our personal
inner intuitive music, by that we learn to release
and process blocked feelings, emotional patterns
and re-tune our energy field.

“Meet the COD” workshop

"Meet the COD" is an introductory workshop in which we get familiar with the instrument and its basic use. We play, practice the work, have fun and most important - feel the effect of the frequencies on our body.

The workshop is open to everyone. There is no need to be a therapist, healer or a musician to work with the COD. The instrument allows direct access to the exact tones of your own body and therefore the music created is a reflection of your own internal energies at any given moment.

With the knowledge and research of Dr. Brennan and the healing/musical expertise of Hidai Liberman & Yadin Kaplansky, every person can find within his/her self the possibilities for healing and growth aided by the direct touch of the different frequencies of which we are made.

“COD therapy” workshop

"This unique workshop will go deeper into the healing method of the COD and will give tools to integrate the instrument and the “COD therapy” exercises in various therapeutic practices. Open for healers, therapists and COD facilitators.

“Moving Frequencies” workshop

A unique experience of sound and movement, created to guide the conscious mind into surrendering to the intuitive flow of music and dance.

This trance personal journey integrates sound, conscious intention and movement. by that, offering an extraordinary experience of personal work, relaxation, ecstasy and release.

1 on 1 sessions

With the right guidance, In a quiet and intimate space it is possible to delve deeper into the true effects of the different frequencies on the human energy fields.

Through a series of exercises on the COD we can release ourselves from all thoughts and beliefs about our own musical abilities and allow a different music to come forth. This is a state of “intuitive playing” and it allows progress and change in different aspects of our life.

This process promotes a release in true personal creativity and is an exceptional experience.

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