The Chakra Overtone Drum is
a unique musical-healing instrument,
tuned to the organic frequencies
of the body ...

The Chakra Overtone Drum is a healing-musical instrument implemented on the research of Dr. Barbara Brennan, an American physicist and pioneer in the field of energy healing. The COD in tuned to seven specific sound frequencies that also exist in the body, and are part of the human emotional-sensual system, through which we experience our reality. Playing on the COD and using it for COD inspired therapy, mediates reason and emotion, bridges between mind and heart, and transforms blocked expressions into intuitive healing music making.

"It's an instrument for raising ones vibrations to its fullest potential"

Chakra Overtone Drum Healing Therapy

The Chakra Overtone Drum (“COD”) therapy healing method is based on the parallels and connections between the world of sound through intuitive music and the human emotional system as reflected by the Human Energy Field. Learn more »

COD Music

For thousands of years, throughout the evolution of man, music was there with him. to express, to touch, to connect, to uplift...

in ancient musical cultures music was used to evoke emotions, to support ceremonies and to bring people together ... in joy and in grief. one may say it was the glue that held the tribe in unison ... learn more »


  • I completely opened in my healing channel without ANY effort on my part ... read more »

    • Sherry P., Former dean of "Barbara Brennan School of Healing", Teacher & leader of "Spirit Of Ubuntu" healing community
  • Definitively an added value for my practice ... read more »

    • Urs L.K., focused coaching & personal energy work
  • The COD methodology is simple to use and very efficient ... read more »

    • Zoran K., Project Manager, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and NLP Master-Practitioner
  • Whenever the sound of the COD is carried trough the rooms ... read more »

    • Tamar R., Kindergarten Teacher
  • My work with the COD is about trying and learning ... read more »

    • Dror G., B.ED in special education, a teacher and a therapist of rhythm and sound